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The Nature Nurtures National Conference takes place every year and is a diverse gathering of more than 150 attendees from around the country. Listen to educators and speakers from around the world, meet new friends and like-minded folk, re-connect with colleagues, reflect on your own practice and/or parenting, and grow your understanding of what it means to be an important person in a child's life.

Our theme this year is The Heart of Play: The Serious Work of Keeping Joy in Learning. This is a two-day conference, on the 21st to 22nd June 2019, taking place at the award-winning Hive in the historic town of Worcester, UK. We have an exciting line up of speakers, including creator of Planning in the Moment, Anna Ephgrave.


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Anna Ephgrave
Early Years Practitioner, Consultant, Trainer, Author

Planning in the Moment, with Anna Ephgrave. Discover a new way of working that will deliver the best possible outcomes for your children. Learn how you can implement Planning in the Moment in your school or nursery.

Brain development and levels of involvement

  • How these are linked
  • How they relate to practice, particularly free-flow play

Play & rich engagement in your classroom

  • Enabling environments – practical ideas for outdoor areas
  • Confidently explain why child-initiated play is so powerful
  • A deeper look at the observation, assessment, teaching cycle

Practical examples to enable you to implement Planning in the Moment in your school or nursery

  • Maths and literacy in free-flow play

Leave this masterclass feeling confident to implement Planning in the Moment in your school or setting, and confidently explain why child-initiated play, with adults interacting in the moment, will deliver the best possible outcomes.

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Ali McClure
Author, Trainer, Consultant, SENCo, Speaker

From Stickers to Self Regulation, by Ali McClure. The neuroscience behind successfully managing behaviour for EYFS and KS1.

Are we creating a generation of people pleasers?

Do stickers and reward systems work for all children?

Should we rip down the reward chart?

This unforgettable masterclass with a crucial message will help you to:

  • Challenge your practice in helping children manage their behaviour
  • Get under the skin of what makes best strategies effective
  • Help your children on their journey towards self-regulation through positive relationships, respect and the best learning for all

If you care deeply about the impact of your approach to behaviour on children's personal, social and emotional development, then this is the masterclass for you! Traffic light systems and reward systems....is there another way? Ali will certainly get you thinking and explain the latest research.

Authentic adult
The Heart of Play: The Serious Work of Keeping Joy in Learning

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Friday 21st June - Day 1
  • 9.00am - Registration & Opens
  • 9.30am - Masterclass: Planning in the Moment for YR & KS1, Anna Ephgrave
  • 9.30am - Seminar 1: Leaving Home-A Beginners' Guide, Helen Randall, Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist. A fascinating seminar from a leading West Midlands Child and Adolescent Pyschotherapist - the emotional work we need to do in order to leave home and go to nursery
  • 11.00am - Break
  • 11.15am - Seminar 2: What's Behind the Behaviour: Three Reasons Why Children 'Misbehave', Rebecca Sheikh, Aware Parenting Teacher, Consultant and former Primary School Teacher. Drawing on the Aware Parenting Philosophy, we are encouraged to look deeper at children's behaviour. Learn how we can not only help them move past the behaviour but strengthen attachment, create better neurotransmitters and help them become more self regulated.
  • 12.45m - Lunch
  • 1.30pm - Seminar 3: The Critical 1000 Days, Professor Mary Nolan, University of Worcester. A look into this unique period of opportunity when the foundations of optimum health, growth, and neurodevelopment are established.
  • 2.30pm - Seminar 4: New Frontiers in Education: Flexischooling, Peter Humphreys-Centre for Personalised Education. A look at what flexischooling is and could be, how it can positively impact children, young people, schools and communities. How flexischooling can provide a transformational space for dialogue and rethinking the way we look at learning and education.
  • 3.45pm - Close
Saturday 22nd June - Day 2 
  • 9.00am - Registration Opens
  • 9.30am - Masterclass: Planning in the Moment for Early Years Settings, Anna Ephgrave
  • 9.30am - Masterclass: From Stickers to Self Regulation - the neuroscience behind successfully managing behaviour, Ali McClure
  • 11.00am Break
  • 11.15am - Seminar 5: Going it Alone: Setting Up Your Own Forest School, Nurture Outdoor Kindergarten A look at the key things to consider as you set out to create your new Learning Community
  • 12.45m - Lunch
  • 3.15pm - Close

Travel Info70

  • Venue

    Covered in shimmering gold squares you won't miss this iconic building across from the river in Worcester. The Hive is Europe's first joint university and public library and also houses one of the largest children's libraries in the country.

  • Rail

    Foregate Street Train Station is 0.2 miles, 4 minutes, from The Hive. Turn left out of the station and take the first right onto Shaw Street which then becomes The Butts, where you will find The Hive located on your right. Use the stairs next to The Hive's bridge or the external access lift to bring you up to Sawmill Walk which leads you to the main entrance.

  • Parking

    The Hive is well-served by a number of adjacent car parks. Cattlemarket pay and display car park is directly in front of The Hive. 21 designated blue badge disabled bays are available along the near side of The Hive facing the building. There is a ramped access way signposted all around the side of The Hive leading directly to the main entrance.



The Heart of Play: The Serious Work of Keeping Joy in Learning

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